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You can then also register internet and Wi Fi services that are either unlimited or based on a fixed data usage per month.

See their websites for details and offers, or to see whether their services are available in your area.When it comes to mobile phones, there are three main providers to choose from – Base, Mobistar and Belgacom/Proximus – although mobile services are increasingly being included in combination deals, such as those offered by Telenet.A telecoms law in 2012 gave more power for users to change providers mid-contract and take advantage of new deals, and innovative new packages are sprouting up to attract new clients.Mobile deals include fixed contracts, rechargeable or pay as you go.Some providers focus on telephony or internet services, such as Belgian Telecom, IP Nexia and Mondial Telecom, but the main providers generally offer packages combining telephone, internet, television and mobile, such as Belgacom, Numericable, Telenet and Voo.

Main telephone suppliers: Major cable television, internet and phone providers in Belgium Many companies offer package deals combining internet, television, landline, and increasingly mobile, though some are specialist providers.Satellite TV providers in Belgium Satellite television is also available and some providers offer Sky from the UK.The set-up charge can be relatively hight as Sky does not have a licence agreement to market its product on the continent.Almost all households are served by cable television.It is broadcast by three separate organisations, French, Dutch and German, with some foreign channels also provided.Television providers and channels in Belgium Each region manages its own public broadcaster – the Flemish VRT, French RTBF and German BRF.