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The thought of buying art immediately invokes the image of someone in Tussar silks or Fab India khadis waltzing around a space with minimalist décor, nodding nonchalantly and making quintessential small-talk in breathy tones, of Picasso’s cubist rebellion.

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Serious artists, on the other hand, don’t get the right representation, as their works are mixed with hobby artists,”she explains.On the buying side, art is accessible only to a few.“There are a lot of hobby artists and professional artists at similar price points.We as a brand believe that it’s our responsibility to deliver value to the customer’s investment. If there are multiple prints of original art in the market, the art loses its value.Prices are rarely mentioned, and there is little information provided to the buyer.

Ultimately, this scares the common buyer away, and limits the reach of the artist and the size of the ecosystem.--- So, while art has traditionally been an intimidating area, online art galleries are helping address that, head-on, opening up a previously closed channel and bringing "art to the people" in a more personal, accessible and approachable way. As we see more embrace it, barriers to entry are beginning to fade -- and that's a good thing. “Many don’t know what to buy and where to buy from.Galleries are intimidating, and the other online galleries lack curation.At Eikowa, we create a lot of content around art through our blog, The Canvas, to help people understand the painting and the thought process behind the creation,” Vaishnavi adds. While sites like Fizdi choose to exhibit work by hobby artists also, e-commerce sites like Amazon and Pepperfry predominantly sell prints.