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The entire production was shot in the Swat District, mainly in the village of Ronyal and its outskirts.

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Unfortunately, Pari, Shireen's sister-in-law, thought that Shireen was having the affair.

Torah found out about Goher's love affair and sent one of his spies after him.

The third storyline involves Gulistan Khan's daughter, Bano, who was forcibly married to Torah Khan (her cousin) by his late grandfather.

Bano is an abusive wife who hates her husband, as she feels she is too beautiful for him (because she is light-skinned and of “pure” Pukhtun heritage).

‎) (meaning Marble) (previously titled Daasi) is a Pakistani romantic drama serial that was first aired on Hum TV on 1 September 2016. It is the fourth appearance of Noman Ijaz on Hum TV after his 2013 appearance in the serial Rehaai.

It is the second appearance of Uzma Hassan and with Tipu Sharif after their appearance in the 2015 serial Mohabbat Aag Si and Uzma Hassan's second appearance with Mikaal Zulfiqar as well after their 2014 serial Tum Meray He Rehna.Meanwhile, Durkhane shows Shireen the bangles and pranda and asked her to keep the pranda for herself.Despite Shireen's protests, Durkhane tied the pranda in Shireen's braid.The storylines converge with Gulistan's second son Goher, a cruel, spoiled goon.Goher is a womanizer, and sets his sights on Durkhane (Shireen's friend).This time, Shireen wants to go on behalf of Durkhane to meet Goher and return the gifts, but Durkhane insists she should go instead.