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Let’s get practical and have a look at code that illustrates the application of payload validation for a given hapi route.

iwab0383e error validating payload-81

To help you integrate to our payment gateway and understand why and how a payment has failed we provide the following response codes. invalid card number) 'D' is a decline 'R' is a referral (has to be treated as a decline) 'B' is a blocked transaction 'C' is a cancelled transaction (e.g.user pressed cancel on payment page) 'S' is a system error These will be followed by a 3 digit code, the first digit is an internal code which can be ignored.The final two digits provide the details of the response code.The list below is given as, for example, Vx01 which means it is the result for V101, V201, V301 etc.In case the validation doesn’t pass successfully, you’ll receive the aforementioned as individual fields.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on payload validation and take away the insights on how to improve your code by validating fields as early as possible.Let us know in the comments or on twitter @futurestud_io. This week I completed a Spring Boot-based microservice which is responsible for interacting with some 3rd party SOAP service: its own clients communicate with it by sending request message over Rabbit MQ, and the service then sends back a response to a response queue after handling the SOAP response message.The CVV/AVS result is a 3 digit value, each digit representing a different check.The first value is the CVV check, the second is the address and the third is the postcode.Before diving into the details, have a look at the series outline and find posts that match your interests and needs. Incoming requests pass a pre-defined list of actions like route lookup that matches the request’s path, parse cookies, authenticate the request, parse payload and many more.