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From a date or date-time you can generate a String representation in any particular format. The framework built into Java 8 and later supplants the troublesome old If none work, we have a problem – bad input probably.Whenever possible I suggest you use the standard ISO 8601 string formats for various date-time values. Date class used in the Question is inappropriate for a date-only value lacking time-of-day and time zone. String input = "16-Feb-2014"; // or "16/02/2014" , "" , "16/02/14" , "16-02-14".

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Javanese complete nasi gudeg, which consist of gudeg (young jackfruit cooked in coconut milk), fried chicken, egg boiled in coconut milk, and krecek (spiced buffalo skin cracker). Javanese cuisine is the cuisine of Javanese people, a major ethnic group in Indonesia, more precisely the province of Central Java, Yogyakarta and East Java.

Though the cuisine of Sumatra is known for its spiciness with notable Indian and Arabic influences, Javanese cuisine is more indigenously developed and noted for its simplicity.

Tumpeng, a cone-shaped yellow rice is essential in slametan, Javanese traditional ceremonies.

Rice can be processed into lontong or ketupat, or cooked in coconut milk as nasi liwet or colored with turmeric as nasi kuning (yellow rice).

These formats are designed to be unambiguous and easily parseable. // String input = "16-févr.-2014"; // French input should fail.

Is specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of machines and complete lines for processing tomatoes, vegetables in general, fruits (also tropical), with focus on sterilizers and aseptic fillers for concentrates, fruit concentrated and semi-concentrated purees, vegetables in general and tomato, also with parts in suspension.These ethnic groups have their own distinctive cuisines.Javanese cuisine is largely divided into three major groups: There are similarities in these cuisines but the main differences lie in the flavors.You can also send private messages on Ok Cupid to anyone you like.If you're not interested in dating, Ok Cupid also has a lot of fun quizzes, such as the Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz.That's why Ok Cupid exists - to let you get in touch with people in your area based on shared interests.