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If you want to double check, log into the back end of your site and go to the Plug-in Manager.

Find the "System - Redirect" plug-in and be sure it is "Enabled".

A 301 redirect, for instance, will permanently redirect a URL to a particular site all while maintaining search engine rankings.

If we think technically Joomla Components are mostly exhibited in the content area of a template.

Joomla component is the most complex kind of Joomla extension.

Redirects, or URL forwarding, can be very useful for a number of reasons.

When enabled, a 301 redirect can make a site or page accessible through many different URLs.

Once in the Redirect Manager, you'll see a notice indicating whether or not the redirect plug-in is enabled or not.

If it's not enabled, read the instructions above to enable it. Of course, each URL must be valid in order for the Redirect to work, so be sure you check the URL for accuracy.

Date range limitations If you intend to store date and time values outside of the range December 13th 1901 to January 19th 2038 you may find the techniques discussed in this article to be unsuitable. It therefore makes good sense to use UTC 0 as the base time zone in which to store dates.

In My SQL there are five data types used for storing date information.

Any Redirect you create will appear in a list in the Redirect Manager so you can come back in the future and edit, disable or delete the Redirect.

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Joomanager allows for the creation of custom fields so you can have an unlimited number of attributes associated with a particular item.