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Eon Doii : SOLD AT THE BRITISH MUSEUM; AND BY Mussiis. BERNARD QUARITCH, 11, Grafton Street, New Bosu Street, W. ASHER & CO., 14, Bedford Street, Covent Garden; and Mb. Of all the literatures of India, with the single exception of the Sanskrit, the Tamil is the richest, the oldest, and the most various. [Haklkat al- Islam, also called Iman-anmai Isliim-nanmai.

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'ABD al-KADIE, Mauldnd Maulavl, Sdh'ib 'Alim, of Tinnevelli-pct. A treatise upon the Vaishnava doctrine of salvation. A first Tamil reader, for the use of Catholic schools.] pp.44. For the first two of the latter no historical basis can be found. The Hindu tendency to construct arbitrary and exaggerated systems of chronology is fully shared by the Tamils, who assign the beginnings of their culture to a fabulous antiquity, and trace the progress of their literature through three successive Sanghams or Academies. An account of the cults (chiefly Saiva) of Conjevaram.] pp.

With commentary by Arunachala Svami and others.] pp. jririninussm Lc ^, [Kamba- ramayanam, Aranya-kandam. Followed by Tiru- paran-giri-pillai-tamir, a devotional composition by Arunachala on the childhood of the god Ku- mara.] [1899.] 12°. Collected and enlarged by Eama-krusbna and Aiya-sami.] [1885.] 8°. o o o eurr^sire Qu J^ ^pei^Qsurmir Siiu euir^- Q ° &puj^- Qetieir^ih lo Ssh uji^o' rr&v^Qjrm [Manaiy-adi-sas- tram. o o o ^iq F)- np(mi Ei Tpjpiuues M— i^ [Tiru-nirug'-a Hu-padai, etc.'] pt.