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“I’ve always been pretty private about my private life,” Verlander said when asked about Upton.Ravech pressed him though by noting the two have been out in public together and that it’s hard to keep things private.

Though Justin Verlander has been making public appearances with Kate Upton, which shows us it’s pretty obvious that they are once again dating, he is still..

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Prior to that there were only whispers of them dating in July 2012. While Kate Upton and her boyfriend, Justin Verlander, are going strong,.

The couple have reportedly been dating on and off for three years.

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While your right arm only helped you out, his right arm took the Tigers to . Ben Verlander, the brother of MLB All-Star, Justin Verlander somehow has an even hotter and arguably more famous girlfriend than Kate . Last night, supermodel Kate Upton revealed that she was engaged to Detroit Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander after three years of dating. The Detroit Tigers starting pitcher had been seen this off-season spending time with ..

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