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But children cannot treat it properly, so if a child plays roughly with a Rottweiler, it could attack the kid. Murshed: Owners must read and know more about their dogs, about the food they eat, training, habits and so on.

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When I retired, I owned 25 dogs, 20 of them German Shepherds and five Rottweilers.

I then entered the K9 world by traveling to Germany twice a year to attend the world championships and buy new breeds. Murshed: K9 is kind of an activity to train dogs to guard.

To make your dog feel at home they can watch Animal Planet on T. And/Or if they want to have a wee run around (and with our own dogs) they have use of the garden as well.

We are gratefully recommended by vets and other dog groomers, as we accept dogs that have medical and behaviour issues.

We also have an outstanding dog show where various types of dog breeds and types take part. Murshed: Owners do not understand that raising a dog is a great responsibility, especially if you have children.

You must know more about the breed that you are raising.

It may also be used in animal shelters to quickly denote “dog” on notice boards for the purpose of protection and keeping track of the animals in the facility, as the animal’s name may not always provide a clue as to which species it belongs to.

Ayman Saad Murshed, a retired army pilot who is now the head of Kuwait K9 association, spoke to Kuwait Times about the association and the art of training a dog.

Murshed: Basic commands like how to come, sit, stay and even go to the toilet will nurture your relationship with the dog as well as encourage good behavior.

Well-trained dogs are less likely to stray, and generally lead more comfortable and fulfilling lives compared to their untrained counterparts. Murshed: We provide both, and dog owners can join us in our group to learn more and get one of our private dog trainers to train their dog.

Full grooms, Hand-strip, clipped, scissor finishes, ears cleaned and toe nails clipped.