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(4) Type: Corporate Assignment: Static IPMugu sent several pics of "Stu Man" already posted everywhere Kevin James, [email protected] Profile: I am looking for a woman to spend the rest of my life with Age & Gender: 51 Year Old Man Location: Conyers, Georgia, USMy Profession: Military About Me I am a very down-to-earth person when you really get a chance to know me.

I believe Beauty is not based on how attractive we are to everybody else and also distance is not the problem but how attractive we are to ourselves, for one cannot think other people think they are full of beauty unless they know they are beautiful too.I try not to be cynical and still work hard to bring love into my life, I like communicating with people from different cultures than mine, I like to talk with people on many subjects, can be quite open and communicative, especially with someone who I feel I click with, but also can be very quiet, thoughtful, and serious, though my sense of humor is quite varied, and I think it's an important part of life.I have a 15 year old daughter and her name is Mary,she is dear to my heart and my source of joy and life...when I meet the right woman then she is also going to be my everything and also dear to my heart and am going to treat that right woman with so much respect and dignity and also be there for her in good times and also bad times.I have a passion for traveling and seeing parts of the world I thought I'd never seen.

I always enjoy reading a good book especially if its something influential to read.No matter what your age, we are all still learning something(s) about ourselves.I am ambitious, focused, and determined in all that i do in making life the sweet reward it truly is.I don’t feel like being too naïve but I still believe in true love and faithful relationship, I respect strong family values and my concept of happiness is really simple.I dream to meet that very woman who will be my stable partner, caring friend and passionate lover.I hope he will be loyal, responsible and strong enough to support me and us.