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“I live a good life, i’m happy with my little family and having a stack of qualifications wouldn’t have helped that.” The new business venture comes just a week after Sophie exclusively told The Sun Online that she had been on a date with Big Brother winner Jason Burrill – who splurged a staggering £10k on her on just the one evening.

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In 1991, Kurdish lawmaker Leyla Zana took the oath in parliament in the Kurdish language, causing an uproar.She was later stripped of her immunity, prosecuted on charges of separatism and links to the rebels, and served a decade in prison along with three other Kurdish legislators.“I’ve got a fantastic fiance, a house, a hair and beauty salon…qualifications don’t really matter much anymore.” Stacie agreed and said: “I think girls who have received poor results shouldn’t let it hold them back."This meeting should have been conducted in Turkish." Turkey is a candidate for membership in the European Union, which has pushed for more Kurdish rights.

The issue of language has come up in Spain, however, where rules in the national parliament in Madrid require lawmakers to speak Spanish.” Meanwhile, other reality stars have been offering their words of advice to those who didn’t get the grade they wanted in their exams.Ahmet Turk, the leader of the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party or DTP, makes a speech Tuesday in Kurdish in open defiance of Turkish laws, as he addresses his party members at the Turkish parliament in Ankara, Turkey.Moreover, Turkey's power structures could be at odds over what course to take: the Islamic-oriented government has often sparred with secular circles backed by the judiciary and the military.Kurdish banned in many official locations Kurdish was banned in Turkey until 1991, and today it is barred in schools, parliament and other official settings on the grounds that it would divide the country along ethnic lines.Kurds, who are distantly related to Iranians, make up about a fifth of Turkey's more than 70 million people.