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There are possibly more, but I've stopped reading...

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They are very believable, and you have no doubts that Dmitri genuinely loves Agnieszka or that Alice genuinely loved Kouya, though these feelings may now be changing with the progress of the story.I wouldnt say any of the leads are extremely endearing, but they are who they are, with their backstories, experiences and vulnerabilities that they are forced to face as they come to terms with the issue at hand.XD)finally something interesting to read that what I thought when I read the first 2 ch if you like dark Emotionally manga then you will like it for sure I like this manga Its Unique and different from other manga Its just too different give it a try ^^I give it 3.5 out 5..the first word that comes to mind.I admit I forced myself to read through the first chapter because it starts in 1906 Vienna with an atypical introduction of characters and I had no idea where the story was headed.However, the relationship is really twisted with the main male, Dmitri and main female, Alice.

I drew the line when Dmitri slapped Alice after an argument about her sleeping with a former lover whom insulted her afterwards out of anger.

She is renamed Alice, as she accepts her role and begins to get closer to them in order to chose.

Dimitri Lewandowski is a celebrated tenor in early 1900s Vienna.

Dmitri threatens to kill him for his insult but then slaps Alice? I could forgive words said out of anger but physical assault?

A couple pages later they're kissing and making up....

Dimitri, un jeune chanteur d'opéra, se relève inexplicablement d'un accident mortel.