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Any one-night stand had to be hidden even from your friends and anything else had to be about finding the right partner. Luckily there was a medical tent for the event so his friends helped him over and asked if the event doctor could take a look at it.To begin with the staff didn’t seem to keen to assist but just before his friends were forced to seek help somewhere else, the tour event doctor walked in.“I’ve stepped on some glass,” Gerry said, looking up at the very tall, scruffy blonde-haired doctor.

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especially liked him but he’d found it very easy to slightly alter his looks so that casting directors knew he could appear in two campaigns at the same time without either client being any the wiser.

He had been in LA for about 5 years and was well-settled when he went with a couple of friends to a pro surfing event at Malibu.

He suspected it had something to do with a belief that running away to London – from the intruding gaze of their family or culture – made the sex just that more thrilling. His thin build and his naturally pasty white skin had been a look that he would never admit to have cultivated but if he was honest, he had done nothing to prevent it from happening.

He liked those young boys, the fumbling in bed that came with them, the fact that it still – after all these years – felt like youthful encounters.

He had expected them to be perfectly groomed and be-suited.

LA was a tough town to rate your own attractiveness in, Gerry had realised almost immediately.

He didn’t even know if Gerrard was interested in him but…“Right, we’re all fixed up,” Gerrard said, interrupting Gerry’s thoughts, as he applied the last part of the bandage to his foot.

“I suggest you try to stay off it for a while and apply some alcohol to the affected area.

He stuck his tongue in the crack and was rewarded with the heady taste of sweat and salt.

If anything made him fall in love with this surfer-dude doctor, that was it.

Now convinced his plan was a good one, Gerry un-did the top button and forcefully yanked the shorts and that brightly coloured underwear halfway down his legs, exposing Gerrard’s arse. But he was tired of the games everyone in LA wanted to play.