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I’m still a few points away from loving it, but I’m more invested...

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A whole lotta names are being bandied about for A Gentleman’s Dignity, the new drama set to come from the Secret Garden and Lovers in Paris scriptwriter (hence the heightened buzz).Jang Dong-gun (Good Morning President) and Lee Na-young (Runaway Plan B) were both previously in contention, and their names have resurface as leading candidates...Hyun Young and Kim Jong Min jumped and it became a mess.Like what he said on Radio Star, Kim Jong Min took our camera and smashed it to the ground.Won Bin, Lee Na-young Birth of a new star couple: News broke that Won Bin and Lee Na-young were spotted on a date together, and the stars have since confirmed that they’re in the early stages of a relationship.

They’ve been represented by the same agency since 2011, which is how they got to know...We watched a foreign video where a paparazzi was saying "Hi Spears" and Britney Spears said hi back and waved towards the camera. We went up to their car, knocked on the door, and asked, "Are you dating Hyun Young-ssi?" We were covering dating news as if we were interrogating them. After dating for two years (and very quietly at that), Won Bin (The Man From Nowhere) and Lee Na-young (Runaway: Plan B) tied the knot in a secret wedding ceremony on Saturday, May 30.I know Won Bin is known for keeping his private life private, but I’m...A number of leading ladies have met with great popular and critical success via a Kim Eun-sook vehicle: Kim Jung-eun (Lovers in Paris), Kim Haneul (On Air), and Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden), to name a few.