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The chairman may convene an interim meeting based on a proposal made by more than _______(including )directors.The board meeting will be held in principle in ________.

Chapter 5 Business Management Office Article 22 The joint venture company shall establish a management office which shall be responsible for its daily management.

The management office shall have one general manager, deputy general managers.

ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION FOR________LIMITED LIABILTY COMPANY INDEX Chapter 1 General Provision Chapter 2 The Purpose l Scope and Scale of the Business Chapter 3 Total Amount of Investment and the Registered Capital Chapter 4 The Board of Directors Chapter 5 Business Management Office Chapter 6 Finance and Accounting Chapter 7 Profit Sharing Chapter 8 Staff and Workers Chapter 9 The Trade Union Organization Chapter 10 Duration, Termination and Liquidation of the Jint Venture Company Chapter 11 Rules and Regulations Chapter 12 Applicable Law Chapter 13 Supplementary Articles Chapter 1 General Provision Article 1 In accordance with the "Law of the People's Republic of China on joint Venture Using Chinese and Foreign Investment" and the contract signed on in_________ ,china, by, ×Co. Article 2 The names of the joint venture company shall be ××Limited Liability Company Its abbreviation is The Legal address of the joint venture company is at Article 3 The names and legal addresses of each parties are as follows: Party A: × Co.

(hereinafar referred to as Party A), to set up a joint venture, ×× Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as joint venture company), the Articles of Association hereby is formulated.

, China, and its legal address is party B: ××× Co., Ltd, and its legal address is article 4 The organization form of joint venture company is a limited liability company.

The liabilities of each party to the joint venture company just limits to its contributed capital, which stipulated in the Articles of Association or in the revised afterwards.Chapter 4 The Board of Directors Article 16 The joint venture company shall establish the board of directors which is the highest au-thority of the joint venture company.Article 17 The board of directors shall decide all major issues concerning the joint venture compa-ny. unamious approval shall be required: l)amending the Articles of Association of the joint venture company ; 2)discussing and deciding the termination and dissolution of the joint venture company; 3)deciding the merger, affiliation and consolidation of the joint venture company with other economic organization; 4)deciding the increase and assignment of the registered capital; 5)deciding to set up branches; 6)ratifying the project of development on medium term and long term; 7)deciding an annual management strategy and plan; 8)ratifying fiscal budget, fiscal report and accounting statement; 9)deciding the plan on annual profits sharing; l0)inviting and dismissing the general manager and the deputy general managers; 11)settling the disputes between each party to the joint venture and joint venture company.As for other matters, approval by more than_________ directors shall be required.such as; 1)deciding the top line of annual circulating capital and issues on purchasing, leasing and mortgage of assets in the joint venture company; 2)approving.the labor contracts and other important regulations of the joint venture company; 3)examining and approving the annual business report submitted by the general manager; 4)inviting and dismissing the senior adminiatrative personnal who shall be recommended by general manager, and deciding their salary and welfare; 5)deciding the system of salary and welfare for staff and workers in joint venture company in accordance with the relevant regulations of China; 6)defining and adjusting the stracture of the joint venture company 7)deciding the proportion of allocation for reserve funds, expension funds and bonuses from the taxed profits of joint venture company; 8)deciding the types and scope of insurances for joint venture company 9)deciding the scope of authorized power for the general manager; 10)deciding the plan on living houses and other welfare for staff and workers of joint venture company; 11)deciding other matters which shall made decision by the board of directors.