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I applied because I’m doing a Broadway show next year and I felt I should know something about acting. The biggest thing I could ever move is my bowels, and that’s about it. I played the cunty sister in you know the part of the cunty sister, and that’s me!

I thought it would be just plain acting classes, but you have to take movement.

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And with me, we've got one ofthe biggest names in stand-up, uh, Lisa Lampanelli. Imagine coming to South Beach and being interviewed by a Hispanic. -[laughs] -Could you give me more,like, towels in my room? -For those of you that don'tknow who have been living under a rock, Lisa, youhave a great nickname, the Queen of Mean. Hailed as a cross between Don Rickles, Archie more Dubbed by The New York Times as Comedy's "Lovable Queen of Mean," Lisa Lampanelli is a no-holds-barred insult comic who masterfully works her audience while maintaining an inherent likeability that ultimately wins the hearts of her fans.She will also be in the feature "Delta Farce" starring Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy and D. Qualls, which is also set for release early next year.

Insult comic extraordinaire Lisa Lampanelli hasn’t been able to make fun of her own stomach ever since part of it was removed in a 2012 gastric sleeve surgery that led her to lose over 100 pounds. Lisa hasn’t lost her tongue or her cojones, even though she just studied at Yale’s Summer Conservatory for Actors. Get your gunt off the floor and learn the whole story, including the one bad word Lisa surgerized. We also had to take vocal class to learn projecting. I was mostly with people who are too young to have seen my act—their parents wouldn’t let them watch. There were old people too, but they’re too classy to know who I am. Since when is one of our gay professions being taken over by straight people who don’t appreciate it? So is the fact that Lisa Lampanelli is doing the classics. If my gunt was in the way, that thing would have been hanging and hitting the floor. There’s only one orifice my husband has access to, and it’s not the butt. Hailed as a cross between Don Rickles, Archie Bunker, and a vial of estrogen, she has even won accolades from The King of All Media, Howard Stern, who describes her as "a real funny broad." Lisa's ability to make people laugh at their own stereotypes and differences helped her conquer the club scenes in both New York City and Los Angeles in a few short years.Her popularity skyrocketed in 2002 when she was the only female comedian invited to skewer Chevy Chase on the NY Friar's Club Roast on Comedy Central. -So actually, for thoseof you that don't know, Lisa Lampanelliactually has two shows at the festivalthat are sold out.