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Streaming a video game is like having someone watch over your shoulder as you play: both streamer and viewer are absorbed by the same rendered, imagined, computerized world.

But streaming The Playroom is showing the internet your real world.

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Sony's major rival had to respond to similar issues when it launched the Xbox Vision Camera in 2006.

In a spot of impressive outside-the-box thinking, the device allowed Xbox 360 users to import their faces to games such as Rainbow Six: Vegas, but it gained most notoriety as a means of transmitting pornography while playing virtual Uno.

Less than two weeks after the Play Station 4's launch, Twitch banned streams of The Playroom.

Two disturbing questions remain: how did the streams turn sour so quickly, and why didn't anybody see these problems coming?

Short on dedicated moderators to weed out the influx of negative comments from viewers and questionable content from streamers, Twitch simply removed The Playroom from its directory, making streaming the game impossible.

In a statement, Twitch said "we removed Playroom content from the directory because a majority of it was non-gaming related.

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It's not an invented universe you're displaying in 720p for others to watch: that's your couch and coffee table, and those are your family members.