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It was only a second as he was walking around a corner, but he remembers that second as clearly as I do, as if it were yesterday.

I knew nothing about cabaret, but if New York producers want to give you a show, you take it.

I started going to the Lincoln Center Library for the Performing Arts every day to check out music, and that's where I met Scott, whose job was to hand out sheet music at the library.

His eyes captivated me in the high school hallway, and I wanted to know him from that moment.

We have been together since that time and have been married for three years." —Candace 3.

It turned out we were both going through breakups and we started talking about our love for animals and he said, 'I have two cats and Dobermans are my favorite dog.' Ahhhh! I've always loved dobies, had a cat at the time, and just love animals in general.

We started going out in October, were living together before Christmas, and moved to Cleveland in March. "Nearly 11 years ago, I walked past my now-husband in one of the hallways in our high school and was drawn to his eyes.

Our relationship grows and changes each year for the better." —Kristen 5. I flew in that morning for a photo shoot (I was modeling at that point in my life). "I saw an ad for a singing contest in Manhattan and went to it for the hell of it (I'm not a singer and didn't want to be one).

I was getting settled in my room and walked onto my patio and saw this beyond handsome man walking toward me. To my amazement, I won, and the prize was my own one-woman-cabaret show.

' It was love at first sight, but I had no idea who he was and didn't realized he knew my name.

John and I met up a few nights later at a Halloween party and have been together ever since.

It took a while for us to pull it together, but we have been best friends for almost 30 years and married for 19 of those." —Sue 9.