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Drive Photos; Rebuild/Bearing Replacement Dec Tweaking & Mods; Dec Runaway Causes Dec Runaway Motor Problem (see LX200 Dead!

Eyepiece Recommendations (also see Eyepiece Topics in right column) Sources of Information for Beginners Choosing Between LX90 vs.LX200 LX200 Checklist for Starting-Up (Classic) LX200GPS Checklist for Starting-Up (GPS) DVD--"A Beginner's Guide to the Meade LX200GPS" Accessory Suggestions; Aperature Fever; Top 10 Books Pointing Accuracy...Vibrations, Image Vibrations-- Jittery / Jerky Tracking, AO-7 & Sensor Instruction sheet on installing the Classic service kit Magellan II Accuracy & Alignment Issues Magellan: Building RS232 Cable; Power Cord/Supply LX50 Connector Pin-Out; Connecting to Computer Dec Test Results--Chips, Motors, & Gears Fixing LX50 Dec Axis Stiffness; LX50 Dec Fix Kit LX50 Dec Wobble Fix; LX50 Dedicated Web Site Reinstalling LX50 RA Fine Adj. Knob Looseness Magellan II Digital Setting Circles for LX50 LX50 Mods URL / RA Drive Solution; Drive Upgrade LX90 Discussion Group link; LX90 vs. LX90 OTA; LX90-- Pitfalls to Avoid; Miller's Everything LX90 Website Links to LXD55 websites; Discussion Group Link LXD650 Mount Good for Imaging?Mount Mods/Hyper-tuning & Adding Teflon Bushings ETX Info Site URL; ETX/EC Repair & Tune-Up Page ETX Collimation; Repair Service; Computer Control Upgrading Starfinder Dobs; Starfinder Mods Polar Alignment; Magellan ROM Version Numbers Star Finder Laser Collimation Setup Magellan II Operation Hints; Star Charting Software Starfinder Rotating Rings Source Starfinder 16" Discussion Group Link For Pictor cameras & CCD topics see furthur down-- LX200 Good for Astrophotography?Longer Exposures LX200 Image Magnification; ST-7E/ST8E Guide Chip F/3.3 Focal Reducer Lessons; Re-Assemble f/3.3 FR CCD Imaging-- Single Exposure vs. ; Installing LPI Software Digital Camera Hacks; Video Camera Advice Canon 20Da Digital SLR for Astro Imaging Webcam vs. CCD DSLR-Focus Software DSI Blooming Images; LPI as an Autoguider?

Stacking SBIG STV Experiences; Lightbox Drawings & Details CCD Purchase Recommendation; CCD Astrophoto Site Calculating CCD Pixel Size & Pixel Size Needed STI-201 Autoguider Focuser for 201XT Suggested Powering Up/Down Sequence Buying a CCD Camera Advice Which LX200 Scope Best for Imaging? Experiences in Installing LPI Software Using the DSI with the Classic LX200 Using the 201XT URL; Pictor 201 Killing Motherboard?

Polar Axis Balance/Tracking; RA Tracking Issues Dec Blocking Autoguiding Device; Meade Align Method Resync'ing a Polar Aligned Wedge-Mounted Scope Polar Drift Alignment Described; Using a Tripod Best Polar Alignment Routine, Polar Go To Adjustment Polaris is Visible -- 2nd Alignment Star Isn't Polar alignment When Polaris is not Visible Avoid database errors in Classic v3.30 when aligning Mount upgrading advice; Mounts for Large OTAs Switching from LX200 Fork Mount to an Equatorial?

Dew Shield, 2-D, & 3-D Counterbalances; Max Wt-Carrying Homemade Symmetrical Balancing Device Balance at High Declinations Battery Power Boxes; EE101--Basic Electricity Concepts Battery Power Supply Design; Measuring Remaining Charge Battery Tester, Inverters, Capacity & Power Cautions Battery Connectors, Parallel Battery Charging Battery Resource Site; Reverse-Power Protection 12v Gel Cell Battery Charging/Restoring Tips Operating the Classic on 15v or 12v; Reducing 18v to 15v Voltage Regulator Primer; 12v Battery Charger Recom Fried 18V Converter; 12V to 18V Converter Found Adjusting Meade 18V Supply; 1812v Converters Meade 12v to 18v Converter Alternative DC Power Source & Inverter; Power Supply Issues Standard LX200 Fuses; Blowing a Fuse--Solved! Bob's Knobs Collimation Screws/Replacement Procedure Field Flattener Requires Re-Collimation? Focuser Lock Issues; Focus Lock Adjustment Lining OTA with Black Flocked Paper/Flat-Black Paint How-To Webpage Baffling in Regards to Rear Aperture & Diagonals Analysis, Long Cables, Multiple Keypads, Repairs Classic Keypad Codes & Hot Plugging/Unplugging & Mods Beep Elimination; Experimental Handcontroller Classic Keypad Replacement Source; Panic Stop?

Gear Grease Recommedations; Cleaning Procedures Repair suggestions for Classic keypad Sources for circuit board schematics on-line Mirror Removal/Installing; Baffle Tube Off-Center Removing/Replacement Corrector Plate Procedures Select from below: Improving LX200 Pointing Accuracy-- Original OTA/Fork Alignment Procedures Alternate 1, OTA/Fork Alignment Procedures Alternate 2, OTA/Fork Alignment Procedures LX200 Fork Mis-Alignment Solution OTA Bolt Removal Also see "Pointing Accuracy & 'Go To' Issues" below.

Tests for Pointing Accuracy; Fork Flexing Issues Centering Test; Best stars for Polar Iteration TPoint Software and the LX200 Excellent Pointing Accuracy Detailed RA Runaway Condition; RA Slewing Overshooting RA Drive Noise Fix, Drive Repair & How It Works RA Motor Problem Erratic Slewing- FIXED Tracking/Noise Problem Solution--Metal Chips in RA RA Disassembly/Removing Lower RA Bearing RA Drive Binding Problem; RA Runaway Repair Webpage Analysis and Repair of Dec & RA Drives URL LX200 Base Construction & Limitations Removing Dec/RA Motor Clutch Plates Image Vibration Solved (Jittery/Jerky Tracking) Replacing Worm Gear Spring/Mod for Adjusting Atmospheric Refraction Adj; RA Setting Circle Use Bias Weighing the OTA vs. ; Worm Wheel Lapping Dec Axis Assembly Adjustment/Repair Procedure Motor Failures & Study; Backlash/Slop, Some Fixes Dec Overshooting; Retrograde Motion Fixes Aligning/Adjusting Dec Setting Circle Dec Backlash Compensation South of the Equator?

Sampling Calculation; Second Laptop Serial Port via USB; Role of CCD Cameras in Amateur Astronomy CCD University URL; CCD Unguided Time on a LX200?