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What are the main similarities and differences between modern surveillance methods in Macedonia and those of the socialist period?

Is surveillance worse now because of new technology or during one-party rule in Yugoslavia? When the first bulletin board system arrived in Macedonia in the mid-1990s, it was somewhat of a general principle to protect your privacy.

The second shift was introduced with social networks when it became a common habit that people voluntarily shared their data as part of the desired identity.

People regarded the intrusion into their privacy as a way of how the society functions.

Yugoslavia was a “society without consequences”, as most of the socialist countries, actions were not always followed by legal or public judgment, and the people learned that it is enough to be in an anaesthetized relationship towards the regime in order to survive.[...] People learnt that they depend on the state powers.

Much/all depended on the local small-town interpretations of the ideology.

[...] The ideological-police nomenclature of Yugoslavia functioned in such a way that people were object and a target of the State, you had to know how to represent your socialist ideology, and the entire small town mentality was used to evaluate the ones who seemed suspicious.

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Prohibition was performed via the mechanisms of threat, and not as direct conflict.

[…] The bureaucratic apparatus in Yugoslavia was far more chaotic and far less thought through than is commonly believed.

It guaranteed the continuation of the state secrets services and made them intact. However, the longest standing chief of secret services, Saso Mijalkov, the Director of Administration for Security and Counterintelligence from 2006 to May 2015, also a first cousin of Prime Minister, was a son of the former minister of interior.