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Requires building permit applicants to earn "points" by selecting green building measures in order to receive a building permit.Applies to private-sector residential projects, new and remodels, over 500 SF.LEED-recognized benchmarking tool created by the EPA to compare a building to other buildings throughout the country.

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Many of the major innovations in buildings have been the equipment (elevators, construction cranes, power tools, etc.) The intense focus on energy and sustainbility has been a different type of innovation in the industry that changed the way we design and operate buildings.

Building owners were interested in marketing “green buildings” to tenants, hoping to shave a few dollars on energy costs and demonstrating their desire to be good, responsible corporate citizens.

Also considering requiring certification of commercial projects or developing a LEED-based incentive program.

Developed comprehensive rating system to assess home energy use.

Ordinance calls for a minimum of 8 credits in the Energy and Atmosphere category to ensure best life-cycle returns.

Requires all municipally funded new construction and major addition projects to achieve LEED Silver certification.Architects and engineers had to adjust their design approachs and evolve with new techniques and technologies.Rating systems such as LEED and BREEAM have provided guidance for architects and building designers and the eventual rating or level of the building reflected the success of the owner and design team in designing and constructing a green building. == 'undefined') (function($, win, undef) {var reorder, reorder Timer;if (!When the government gets involved and begins requiring the use of new processes and procedures, technology initiatives seem to gain quite a bit of momentum. While technologies to enable the BIM process may not be mainstream yet, the applications have received quite a bit attention in the commercial construction industry, especially by the larger construction firms.We are now at a point where voluntary rating systems will necessarily give way to mandatory green building construction codes.