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So, I took a class and found out that you can’t take a class to learn how to do stand-up.

RJW: You talk about your relationships quite a bit on stage.

Marina is all over the best stages in the New York comedy scene and a regular at the prestigious New York Comedy Cellar.

Comedian Marina Franklin has been one of the top names in stand-up today, and she has appeared on a long list of shows including “Chappelle’s Show”, “Last Comic Standing”, “Showtime at the Apollo”, “Craig Ferguson” ,”Tough Crowd” and “The Jay Leno Show.” She tours clubs and festivals around the country and has been called “viciously likeable.” Our own RJ Waldron caught up with Marina Franklin to ask a few questions for “The Set,” our new series of original interviews with great comedians. (laughing) You know what it is, it’s a good place to grow up, I think.RJW: I know you are from Chicago, I love Chicago, it’s such a great town. It’s a good place to be free with thinking, I believe.Marina may have decided to date a little older from now on, but you can learn more about how she feels about dating young ones in this piece she wrote for us for Valentine’s day last year: Marina Franklin’s Best and Worst Reasons to Date Younger Guys.But first, watch her set, and then check out Marina for more info on where and when to see her live.So, my comedy was really for my own survival to make people laugh so they didn’t mess with me.

I headlined at Zanies [Comedy Club] for the first time and it was like doing those jokes, in Chicago every one just gets it. ” They know there are no black people in Highland Park.

Because I came from theater, I still took a structured class.

So, I would say I was ballsy, but I was still sort of following the rule of thumb that you have to go to a class, an acting class.

Then I was ten and we moved to the South Side of Chicago and there were no white people. Here I am on the South Side and trying to fit in, again.

It was a culture shock, adjusting and trying to change my accent.

That was my artistic route: to make people laugh and also be creative.