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We understand that "Loss Hurts" and that you are looking for a quality, reliable solution. There are other companies out there, but VERY FEW that manufacture with high quality components.

If you are looking for top HD quality at an unbeatable price look no further than our PRO Series Systems!We're proud to have sold and supported over 20,000 Security Camera Systems in the past six years.For participating you receive free purchase protection and other benefits from Google Trusted Stores.We back all our products with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and an Unmatched Minimum Two Year Full Warranty.ABC 10 News in San Diego, California featured surveillance video captured from one of our security cameras, the CSP-700SE, which we refer to as the "ENFORCER" - a product that recently has been updated to add even more lines of resolution and is currently available for purchase.

In this clip from ABC News, you'll see the QUALITY surveillance video our security cameras and systems offer our customers on a daily basis!

"I have more free time to enjoy life and be who I am."Speronis made national headlines when city code enforcement went after her for her lifestyle. The county foreclosed on her home, but Speronis claims she was never served for the foreclosure, making it impossible for the county to proceed with the litigation.

At one instance, the county took her dogs and placed Speronis in jail for five weeks for animal cruelty, claiming she did not have sanitary living conditions for the canines. Monday, Speronis found an eviction notice on her front door. "How can you go to evicting me with a writ of possession if I was never even served, legally served with the forclosure in the first place? UPDATE: Speronis evicted from home Wednesday morning The home went up for auction and was sold to the bank earlier this year.

The Digital Video Recorder enables you to view your live cameras, review previous video footage, email, and/or download previously recorded video to a USB.

You can record on motion, 24/7, or on a particular schedule.

We've received countless feedback from our customers about the effectiveness of our systems.