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But how did she come to have such an extensive “brood”?

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And she’s on hand all day and everyday to guide, protect and support her lovely young charges. While we’re chatting she’s also making sure that three of the contestants get onto a bus for an interview with chat-show host Gareth Cliff.

Only when the bus have departed is she’s happy to go back inside to where the other finalists are having their hair done.

“They get a comprehensive overview of all aspects of Miss South Africa and also learn valuable life lessons,” Jeanitta explains. Like the time a finalist’s zip broke just before an interview.

Read more: Basetsana Kumalo no longer Miss SA judge after ‘unfortunate accident’ “When they arrive they initially take a step back because I’m strict at the beginning . “Fortunately I always have a needlework kit on hand, and I sewed the dress while it was on her.

“When we got to the chemist there was no one to administer the injections.

I said one of our finalists was studying to become a doctor.Jeanitta has been married to James (72) for 45 years and they live in Johannesburg.They have three children, Sean (45), Charmian Pearce (44) and Bernadine (38), and four grandchildren.And when the new Miss South Africa is crowned on 19 March, she’ll be the 10th beauty she’s gone the course with for months.Her duties include supporting the winner in the initial stages to handle the pressure of media interview, for example.Today she still remains friends with many of the previous winners, like Melinda Bam and our 2014 Miss World, Rolene Strauss. “After such a long time together you also realise how much they mean to you,” Jeanitta says.