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S., then justice is not being served for Natalee," she explained.

And as for the recent witness who has since been dismissed by authorities, Beth said there is "nothing to that story" except another one of the "crazies" that has come out during an anniversary to place themselves in Natalee's story.

One decade after her daughter's tragic disappearance, Natalee Holloway's mother Beth says she's still hoping for justice and managing to find comfort as time passes."I've been able to redefine my life," she told TODAY.

She also added that this particular individual has been around for a while, trying to get traction and attention without having any real evidence."It just makes me sad that he would just keep trying to insert himself into this role of her disappearance and that he has information when it's absolutely untrue."But despite the frustration, she has been able to try to move forward."It's hard to believe it's been 10 years,'' she said. Where I am today is in a good place."Aruba authorities have dismissed the supposed eye witness that recently came forward, saying his story cannot possibly hold as true.

According to a statement released by Chief Prosecutor Eric Olthof, the office dug into the claims brought forward by Jurrien de Jong.

We'd head out for a day of shopping together at our favorite stores near our suburb outside Birmingham, AL.

In the car, between stops, we'd talk about anything and everything. In October 2004, Natalee asked me if she could go on the senior class trip, an exotic four-night stay on the island of Aruba.

"I was the eyewitness."Holloway was last seen on May 30, 2005, leaving a bar with Joran van der Sloot.

He is currently imprisoned in Peru for a 2010 murder and de Jong speaks to him being the prime suspect in his recent testimony."I saw that Joran was chasing Natalee into a small building under construction," he recalled.She was full of life, smart, gutsy, determined, and dependable.And so independent that I used to joke, "Natalee, just ask me some questions so I can feel like I'm your parent.The trip was a Mountain Brook High School tradition.Her stepbrother, George, had gone two years before, and if I could swing it financially, I wanted Natalee to have the experience."In about five minutes he came out with Natalee in his arms, and slammed the body of Natalee on the floor, and then he made an opening in a crawl spaceā€¦