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Thirty-three percent of women surveyed said they stay away from the gym because they feel intimidated by fitter, competitive people; 27 percent said they don’t know how to use the machines.Still others stay away because of “people who wear Lycra” (16 percent) and “people grunting” (7 percent). In an ironic twist, nearly a quarter of women surveyed — 22 percent — said they’re not fit enough to go to the gym.Les plus pudiques pourront cependant obtenir des feuilles de vigne à l’entrée du village.

Du 10 au 17 août prochain au cœur de Budapest, le géant hongrois sera le premier open air d'Europe à proposer un espace entièrement naturiste accessible à tous baptisé "Eden Village".Lieu idyllique où toutes les barrières tombent, où chacun peut vivre en parfaite harmonie avec la nature et son corps, sans préjugés et dans le respect le plus total.Motherhood is a messy business, but some ages are tougher than others. A new study draws a conclusion that might surprise you: middle school.Researchers surveyed thousands of moms across the country, with children ranging from infants to adults, and then rated their feelings about their lives.Take comfort — it gets better: The happiest moms in the study were the ones with infants and those with adult children!

Seriously, cosmetic ads aimed at older women are backfiring, big time.They’re convenient, sure, but those colorful little detergent pods are just too interesting to young kids, and that’s posing a serious risk.A new study finds that exposure to laundry or dishwasher detergent pods is increasingly sickening kids younger than 6.Between 20, 30 detergent-pod calls a day were made to U. poison centers; that’s about one call every 45 minutes.Experts say parents with little kids in the house should buy powdered detergents instead — and then keep those out of little kids’ reach, too.Arsenic has been linked to issues with immunity and neurodevelopment.