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The district of Midnapore which included Dhalbhum or Ghatshila, now in Singhbhum, Jharkhand was annexed in 1760 along with Burdwan and Chittagong both handed over to the East India Company by Mir Qasim.

The last free king of Dhalbhum was imprisoned in Midnapore town.

Alivardi defeated Janoji Bhosle, a Maratha chieftain, in a severely contested battle near Burdwan in 1747 and Janoji fled to Midnapore.

The Marathas held on to Odisha including Midnapore until 1749 when it was reconquered by Alivardi.

The Zilla School, now known as Midnapore Collegiate School was the birthplace of many extremist activities.

Teachers like Hemchandra Kanungo inspired and guided the pupils to participate in the Indian Freedom Movement.

There are conflicting accounts of how the name Medinipur came to be.

One account claims that Medinipur was named after a local deity "Medinimata" (literally "mother of the world", a Shakti incarnation).

Kazi Nazrul Islam attended political meetings in Midnapore in the 1920s.

Raja Narendra Lal Khan, ruler of Narajole, who donated his palace for Midnapore's first college for women, had been implicated, (although it turned out to be false) for planting a bomb.

He was an anarchist and protested against the moderate policies of Surendranath Banerjea.

Khudiram was sentenced to death for a failed attempt to kill Magistrate Kingsford. Noted freedom fighter and Bengal Province Congress Committee President Birendranath Sasmal practised at the Midnapore High Court.

This was part of his campaign to regain Odisha and thwart the Maratha attacks on Bengal.