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The sites are inexpensive to participate and they advertise healthy, attractive individual success stories.A few dating site over the past couple years has added a clause about online scammers and claim no responsibility regarding profiles posted.

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The scam continues until the bank discovers the checks as frauds or the victim realizes they have been deceived.

The scammer will then attempt to sweet talk the victim, turn it around on the victim saying “how can you not trust me” or threaten the victims’ life.

The romance scammers originate from Nigeria are a well organized group of males reading from successful tested scripts who work in cafes or warehouses.

Anna Alden- Tirrill confirms the romance scam organization is running a 20 billion a year business and also they have been associated with terrorist cells.

Annie Mc Guire from Fraudaid an organization that works with fraud victims acknowledges that a scammer will take the information given to them and will do the following in the victims name; open a credit card, access banking accounts, open an online business, and wreak havoc on the victim’s life.

Romance scammers continual pursuit of online users will remain as long as individuals have the illusion of safety and security online.

Individuals are less cautious on the internet because they feel safe in their own homes.

Users will in a matter of short conversations give their name, location, birth date, what they do for a living, their children names, what car they drive, will post their pictures; use their full name in emails, blog about their needs and desires whether they intend to be public about it or not and never realize they gave detailed facts about their lives.

These unsafe practices do not occur in the public work place, shopping mall or bar, because individuals are more cautious in face to face contacts.

With continual personal information given freely which leads to the risk of being targeted for Identity theft?

Scammers can be clever with their words, usually the text of the message is cut and pasted or they can be sloppy in their text as the email below shows.