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By Michael West, George Washington University There’s a motto in emergency medical services (EMS) that one learns during his first days of training, “no airway, no patient.” Paramedics are trained in advanced pre-hospital medicine including advanced airway management techniques.One of the most notorious of these techniques is the endotracheal intubation (ETI), a technique in which the paramedic inserts a tube down a patient’s throat in order to use it as an airway adjunct.

A BVM, a common breathing assistance device, is simply a tool which allows clinicians to breathe for the patient without an invasive procedure.This basic life support treatment does not give full context to the patient’s condition, given a BVM is used in a variety of medical situations (JEMS 4).In return Sammie pushed her onto the bed and the girls double teamed Kirstten, licking her pussy and ass, and making her have consecutive orgasms.These seductive naked girls enjoy giving each other full body tongue baths that include finger masturbation and ass licking.Like with most critical issues, compromise has slated as the best solution.

Further training is needed to assure the best patient care possible.

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This requires efforts from both paramedic students and the hospitals in which they train.

The hospitals must be willing to open their doors to more students and allow them to perform ETIs in multiple clinical settings.

The students, of course, must be willing to put in extra time at the hospitals and be constantly willing to learn from their mentors.