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Shared by: Yo Yo 01/20/17 Is anyone out there that can recommend what I can ask his doctor about what med to recommend for sundowing?

Is there something I can give him over the counter?

He is having issues getting these pills d/t lack of transportation and he also has diabetes with a below the knee amputation. He does not have dementia, but his priority is pills and he is not caring for himself very well. Shared by: Sheila Georgia 2/21/17 Kathy, I found that asking your father to assist him and demonstrating how to pull his skin with one hand and carefully shaving the area of his face that needs shaving slowly will give him the encouragement that he needs or going to the barber periodically will also give him some confidence.

His house is a filthy and he has damage all over the house. Nothing like a close shave and good smelling aftershave!

We've tried the visiting nurse route, but she refuses to have a home health care worker. I work, I have responsibilities, and I am not in the best of health. Shared by: Cassie 01/24/17 My dad is coming home after an accident that affected his spinal cord.

He is slowly learning to walk again but is mostly bed ridden. My mom wants to put the bed in the spare bedroom but because he will be in it mostly I suggested the family room where he could be with other people more regularly.

Shared by: Cheryl Illinois 01/13/17 My husband has Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer and recently fell.

He is now in a rehab facility, and is improving slowly.

Charges started at over 0 for an initial consultation. only child well if I had that kind of money I could bring in caregivers once in awhile .

Unless one is well off or very low income options are few for the middle class seniors in need of assistance or for their families....

I make too much for Medicaid, and he is too young for Medicare. Shared by: Leslie Virginia 01/12/17 Ginger- I hope your friend is finding some comfort or you have found some answers. Sometimes transitioning over to Hospice can be done through the program of Palliative Care.

Since Hospice is Palliation- A Palliative Program is a little less scary for some to hear and not as final in their minds.

Shared by: Sandra 3/17/17 I'm a caregiver and my elderly is 94yrs old and she's my very first experience of working 24hours a day instead of hourly, must I say she is a lot to handle because I don't know how to properly care for her especially since she has sundowners disease.