Obama intimidating

Hussein Obama, the Alinsky community organizer, is at the lead and he’s about to become much more public in his involvement.

It is everyone’s business if a man who promoted white supremacy is serving as an adviser to the president.” Of course they’re not honestly anything, scared or otherwise.These disruptions that have taken place and which are about to increase exponentially are all driven by George Soros and Hussein Obama.We’re remaining on Facebook for the time being, as we make the transition.Please take a look when you have a chance or if we “suddenly disappear” from Facebook as has happened to many other truth-tellers.A warning was just issued by the House Sergeant at Arms, which “strongly encouraged” their members to review security protocols as they head back to their districts to meet with constituents.

A typical format for those meetings, Town Halls, is being targeted by the Obama Soros dissidents.

They’re responsible for the violence and chaos at Trump rallies and for fomenting riots over the last three years.

Since the first arsonist set a store ablaze in Ferguson, Hussein Obama, George Soros and their underlings, on behalf of their globalist masters and been embedding turmoil.

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It’s only going to get worse as Hussein Obama shifts from foreign usurper squatting in our White House to full-blown foreign communist agitator unleashing hordes of his thugs onto the streets and citizens of the United States.