On accomodating dating new friends

The house she took was capable of accommodating several families, and she considered it a safe investment for her "earnings." I shall leave the place, though certainly not with any intention of accommodating you.

It expresses the reality of the hundreds of years of oppression national minorities have faced in this country at the hands of the ruling class, and the white populus not challenging that oppression.

In particular the saying reflects clarity on the racism of the “friends of the colored people”.

They are told from the time they are born that they are fundamentally inferior to white people in every way.

The “scientists” are used to “prove” the inherent inferiority of national minorities while at the same time are barred from those circumstances that would dispel the myths.

With an accommodating chaperon who knew no German, the couple could do and say what they pleased.

We went to a sort of inn kept by an accommodating native who promised to get up a good dinner for us.

For national minorities, the acceptance of white chauvinist ideas is self-annihilating, inculcating a sense of powerlessness and impotence.

Immersed in the pervasive reality of national oppression and influenced by the lies of white chauvinism, national minorities are beset by a gnawing shame and guilt, a sense of inferiority - a pervading fear and belief that “I am what they think I am, I am inferior”.

The national minority comrade accommodates the racist paternalism of the white comrade, and the white comrade does not hold the national minority comrade accountable for his/her true strengths and weaknesses – so both get off the hook.

After years of witnessing the conspiracy of white chauvinism and experiencing overt racism and/or racist paternalism from white people, national minorities develop a pessimistic attitude about white people challenging white chauvinism among themselves and coming to understand the centrality of racism.

For accommodations "lodgings and entertainment," see accommodation. Beasley said he would do it, just to be accommodating, and by so doing made a blunder.