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Ask yourself, what does a person need to do to just be your friend? and most importantly, what does a person need to do to be in your most intimate circle?Write down in each of these categories what someone needs to do to be in them, for you.He is a good husband, never says No to me, let me do anything I want, but I feel he is not comfortable speaking about 'us'.

Of course that made me wonder what else he had done in the past and how much he is hiding now. trust me, he rather be turned on by you then anyone else. I never met any of these men in real life but enjoyed the attention and love I felt from another man desiring me.

It is truly an addiction, and not really a need to seek sex outside my marriage.

Many people asked me how is married life as we recently got married 6 months ago. Nothing has changed since we been together five years ago.

However, I am getting really depressed and this is mainly due to my husband's behaviour.

I thought I was alone but you described my husband to a T. But I would rather do it with my wife, and find her 10,000 times sexier when she "plays" with me or sends me pics etc. I have been very addicted to online chats with men which led to online affairs.

I didn't find out about his profiles until 3 years after we were together, and after he had an affair. maybe I can offer some advice, I find women extremely attractive and I love flirting and doing all the same things your husbands do, but I don't have the personal site profiles, But I flirt non stop. Your husband finds you hot, now be that sexy minx for him, stimulate him, so he will have no need for the internet ladies. Saying he is single on his profiles, e-mailing other women, and I think talking with them too, etc. When I confronted him he got angry and said he was leaving me. I am trying to give him what he is looking for online. I was a regular in a site devoted to married people looking for affairs.

Other addictions I am considering are exercise and de-cluttering. Have you ever bought any costumes, or done some naughty photo shoots with your husband? I love to look at hot women, I love to flirt and be a bit naughty.

Being offline seems to be a better goal for me, but right now, I can't seem to get sober. But I would rather do it with my wife, and find her 10,000 times sexier when she "plays" with me or sends me pics etc.

I would suggest counseling and if he's not willing to work on it then i would leave...

but i'm still trying to figure out what to do myself, so i don't have the best advice, but i'm sorry he's treating you like that, you deserve better.

To straighten out your own depression, you need to do a little exercise in boundaries.