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He continued along it as if aimlessly ; stopping from time to time to look at different objects in a dull mechanical fashion, as if rather to prolong his useless hours, than from any curious instinct, and to occasionally dip in the unfrequent pools of water the few crusts of bread he had taken from his pocket.

Even this appeared to be suggested more by coincidence of material in the bread and water, than from the promptings of hunger.

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Here began a vast terrace of lawn, broken up by enormous bouquets of flower-beds be- 1 I vildering in color and profusion, from which agsiu rose the floweiiag vines and ttailing shrubs that hid pillars, veraoda, and even the long fagade of a great and dominant mansion.

But the delicacy of floral outlines running to the capitals of columns and at times mounting to the pediment of the roof, the opulence of flaehing color or the massing of trop- ical foliage, could not deprive it of the imperious dignity of size and space.

At last he reached a cuplike hollow in the hills lined with wild clover and thick with resinous odors.

Here he crept under a manzanita bush and disposed himself to sleep.

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