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Privacy settings are one of many tools in a teen’s personal data management arsenal.Among teen Facebook users, most choose private settings that allow only approved friends to view the content that they post.While those with Facebook profiles most often choose private settings, Twitter users, by contrast, are much more likely to have a public account.

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And 14% of teens say that their profile is completely public.More than half (56%) of teen Facebook users say it’s “not difficult at all” to manage the privacy controls on their Facebook profile, while one in three (33%) say it’s “not too difficult.” Just 8% of teen Facebook users say that managing their privacy controls is “somewhat difficult,” while less than 1% describe the process as “very difficult.” Teens’ feelings of efficacy increase with age: Beyond general privacy settings, teen Facebook users have the option to place further limits on who can see the information and updates they post.Girls and older teens tend to have substantially larger Facebook friend networks compared with boys and younger teens.Teens, like other Facebook users, have different kinds of people in their online social networks.This approach also extends to parents; only 5% of teen Facebook users say they limit what their parents can see.

Teens are cognizant of their online reputations, and take steps to curate the content and appearance of their social media presence.

Boys are significantly more likely to share their numbers than girls (26% vs. Some 16% of teen social media users said they set up their profile or account so that it automatically includes their location in posts.

Boys and girls and teens of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds are equally likely to say that they have set up their profile to include their location when they post.

However, few choose to customize in that way: Among teens who have a Facebook account, only 18% say that they limit what certain friends can see on their profile.

The vast majority (81%) say that all of their friends see the same thing on their profile.

Continuing a pattern established early in the life of Twitter, African-American teens who are internet users are more likely to use the site when compared with their white counterparts.