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Infertility is often blamed on women, while infidelity is almost sanctioned for men.A lack of voice arising from disempowerment has led to the United Nations including gender among the key targets in the millennium development goals.

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Ugandans supportive of their government’s anti-gay stance attend a march and rally organized by a coalition of Ugandan religious leaders and government officials, at the Kololo Independence Grounds in Kampala, Uganda, Monday, March 31, 2014.

President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has launched fresh condemnation of gays, saying they deserve punishment because homosexuality “is criminal and it is so cruel.” Museveni, who last month signed a bill strengthening criminal penalties against homosexuals, said Monday that he is “now mobilizing to fight” Western gays he accuses of promoting homosexuality in Africa.

Tel: 256 41320272 ([email protected]) Abstract Introduction: Gender inequity is manifested in the social and economic burden women carry in relation to men.

From over 1000 enrolled women, we selected 101 for a qualitative sub-study.

However, the prevalence and incidence of HIV among these women remains high in many different settings.

For example, prevalence among sex workers was estimated at anywhere between 21% and 74% in West Africa compared to less than 10% in the general population [6], while recently in Uganda prevalence has ranged between 37% and 47% among different sub-populations of sex workers [7,8] compared to 8% of Ugandan women in general [9].Uganda’s Constitutional Court struck down a law that punished “attempted homosexuality” with a life term in prison.The court did not base its decision on any humanitarian impulse, however.Parental neglect in childhood was reported by many.Participants described experiences of violence while growing up sometimes perpetuated by relatives and teachers.Needing to earn money for child care was often the main reason for starting and persisting with sex work.