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I tell her she can just pick it up next time she comes over. This girl goes over to his place and is messaging me things like “miss you baby”. They operate on emotional whims more than any other group of women I have witnessed, but because of that, you gain valuable insight into women in general.Truedat smashes her and afterwards they have a nice long heartfelt conversation, he walks her to the elevator and before the doors close he hands her the watch she left at my place. It’s the raw, unfettered, operating system of all women.Recently I got the first comments from a Pinay, saying she found the site funny and agreed with some of my thoughts on girls. – Why do pinays feel it’s better to say they’ll hang out then when the time comes ignore your text instead of just saying no in the first place, do they not realize that we are big boys and can handle being told no? Because some pinays are not very straight forward people even men. Let’s fast forward because i still drunk those tequila shots (sometimes pinay loves to be a hard to get lol).

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But when you have that sheer volume of women, that many interactions, that many shit tests and battles with last minute (sometimes hour) resistance, you realize a few things. I’m not talking about 5’s and 6’s, I’m talking about women that would be lorded over back home.I would say more than half of these bangs came from online game. If you are a decent looking guy, and have any social skills, you should be getting the interest of a lot of women (I think it’s a good idea to sign up for a free account with your photos to get an idea of how much attention you will get or if you want to see the types of girls that are there. I think every man should experience this volume of girls for their inner game development, banging so many pretty girls doesn’t get old, and it helps to lose that tendency to put a very hot girl up on a pedestal because it’s no longer uncommon to get a young beautiful girl. Every girl, without exception, writes these words to describe herself; “Sincere”, “honest”, “loyal”, “simple”, “sexy”, “faithful”, “cute” blah blah blah the list goes on in that vein.It’s always some “miss you baby I’m with my sister” BS.She ends up leaving her watch at my place (I have a whole drawer full of stuff, bikinis, sunglasses, earrings, you name it.ALL of them are talking to multiple men, probably hopping from one bed to the next as they get “pumped and dumped” and they DO NOT see a conflict between this behavior and what they SAY they want in their profiles.

These girls aren’t “bad” people, they are simply unaware of what they are doing, and don’t recognize their actions as being incongruent with what they say they want, in fact, go ahead and apply that to all chicks but these girls in particular.

Example Truedat (another guy who was living in Manila) had several Philippine girls swearing their undying love and loyalty to him. Truedat and I were in constant contact the whole time and this girl is literally sending him messages about how much she loves him WHILE on a date with me. She’s telling me she loves me by the end of the night.

One was online, one was a gorgeous model I met while out. I leave this girl in my apartment to go out saying “I’ll be back soon”, I wind up picking up another girl and taking her to a hotel.

🙂Yeah easy because we’re fond of sweet guys– Another common search phrase is ‘‘. Good wives as long as theyre not into your money.– Do you think western guys make good husbands? I think they make good husbands sure, foreigner or not though i dont think i will have a husband haha. I ended up to Boracay did some usual stuff like sunbathing, took random selfies, had a few cocktails and watched big booty guys who passes by, devil knows i want to instabite it!

A lot of guys obviously move to the Philippines for sex. Heartbreaking that some guys view filipinas are for fuck dolls.– So, are Filipinas easy? One time I needed a place to stay near the sea port (yeah i love sailing ‘coz air travel is too mainstream).

He asks her where she is and she tells him her “sister’s condo”.