Play wii games that require system update without updating

--Dialexio , 16 July 2009 (UTC) On 4.0 I use Dop-IOS to patch IOS60 and IOS33 to play trucha signed Super Mario Galaxy.

Nintendo isn't going to release any more system menu patches? Its telling you that if you updated after that date, then you probably already have 4.1 and thus don't need to update again.System patches will download automatically in the future? oops_ur_dead , 16 July 2009 (UTC) 3.2 didn't block the Twilight Hack in any way.Is there anyway to fix the bug without updating the entire System Menu?Is it just a case of installing a single IOS with dop-IOS, and if so which one do I have to install?However, if i ever do, i have bootmii in boot2, and i make a backup before any major thing i do.

As for updating in other ways, that could make your console unstable in later updates.

I want to know if I can just update the IOS with Wii SCU or dop-IOS to get this fix if it's important.

--Dr Mario , 25 July 2009 (UTC) If you play any Wii Ware Software (or Game) and then play Wii Sports Resort you would have to see the whole Wii Motion Plus instructional video (it's veryyyy long...) (i've updated and it's OK, Save copying is overrated!

(System Menu 3.2 was released a week after the Twilight Hack.

It had no anti-hack code.) All this update does is fixes the Wii Sports Resort video bug.

Just do the manual update for 4.1 like you did for 4.0, and you'll be good to go (I know, I did it myself). This was exactly the info i was searching for, as it wasn't immediately obvious to me, although i thought it might be the case.