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It seems that everyone is talking about this issue and they all have their own opinions about the suitability of porn use in the 21st ANGRY! Anger is a totally normal and valid response to the betrayal you have been subjected to and you have every right to be angry, right? So many emotions begin to whirl around in a roller coaster that can last for weeks and months.

As a life and recovery coach working with betrayed women, particularly those in relationships with porn or sex addicts, I am keenly aware that this is an issue which is both overlooked for the majority and misunderstood in many ways.I know that there are many, many women out there who have these issues but don’t know where to turn for help, who feel like they can’t tell, out of fear of exposing their partners or being judged as inadequate partners. I personally interact with hundreds of women on a regular basis Internet pornography and its effects are a pretty hot topic right now with the debate raging over whether internet porn can lead to addiction or not.There were over 50 girls online every time I checked out Flirt4Free, there were also well over 30 men but only 4 shemales online.Oddly enough all of the latter looked like the same person, or at least like they were related to each other.I also noticed that she spoke more than one language, that is awesome!

Unfortunately there was no video to go along with the chat.All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to?I talked to one girl in particular and she was really into talking to me.There were other people in the chat room, but she was really good at keeping track of who was who and what we were all asking her.There are some BIG voices in the debate with a recent article from Pamela Anderson and the ‘coming out’ of Terry Crews. I remember that feeling of utter RAGE I experienced on finding out about the lies, the deceptions, the deliberate attempts to cover up the truth! If I had a pound for every woman I had heard say something like that after discovering their partners secret sexual behaviours I would never need to work another day!