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Meanwhile, the Egyptian Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation disputed Nahry’s statements. 31 that no water is being stored behind the dam, and won't be until the current technical studies between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are completed.Moghazy’s statements spread doubt among water experts and former officials at the Egyptian government, according to Nader Noureddine, a water and irrigation expert in the faculty of agriculture at Cairo University.

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It holds the Land Act Reservoir, the main source of water in the city of Los Santos, in the middle of the Tataviam Mountains.It is connected by pipe to what looks like a filtering plant beside the Los Santos Freeway.The declaration, however, did not determine what quantity is considered fair and appropriate.” The declaration does say that water from the Blue Nile, where the dam is located, will not be used.So, once the studies are completed, negotiations will need to begin on fair and appropriate use of water from the main Nile River — which is shared by all the countries of the river’s basin in the equatorial and Ethiopian plateau, as well as the downstream countries, Egypt and Sudan.With all of the Nile Basin countries participating in the negotiations, the issue will be further complicated.

Allam said the only framework to discuss the distribution of the shares in the Nile Basin is the Entebbe Agreement ratified in May 2010, which both Egypt and Sudan rejected.

But in reality, the inherent political conflicts among the three countries keep rearing their heads during negotiations.

Disputes about the water shares emerged during the meeting of the Tripartite Committee held in Khartoum in early February.

The latest satellite photos show Ethiopia is preparing for storage, especially since the country pumped water into two turbines to generate electricity, according to Alaa el-Nahry, vice president of the UN-affiliated Regional Center for Space Studies and Egypt’s representative to the Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space.

In December, Nahry said he expects Addis Ababa to actually start storing water in the reservoir in June.

He told Al-Monitor that Addis Ababa will start generating electricity in October, which contradicts the minister’s statements that water storage is suspended until the studies are completed.