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“Pornstars aren’t really going to go on the record and say that they’re faking in their porn scenes, as part of selling their content they’re going to say ‘oh no they were real, that was the best sex of my life’.But directors are telling us to fake orgasms in very specific ways,” says Madison.

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Furthermore, 90% of all porn producers are male, despite the fact that 75% of all performers are female. So oftentimes, although a lot of porn sex is very stilted and planned, you are still actually watching an authentic male orgasm, says Madison.

And a lot of these dudes write scenes that erase the female experience of sex from the narrative and instead project an imagined understanding of female sexuality onto the shoot. For women onscreen, particularly in hetero scenes compared with lesbian or solo scenes, they are faking it.

As a tip to tell if she's faking it or not, 75% of women get a flush of red across their chest, body and face after they actually cum which looks like some kind of gnarly rash but goes away after a couple of hours.

Most porn gives the impression that sex ends when the man’s semen is rapturously unleashed.

This isn’t necessarily some sinister thing - part of their job is to act.

But if the actual women you have sex with aren’t getting paid for it, then it’s not their job to put on a show.

For example, when filming in doggy style position, Madison has to arch her back and rotate her body 45° around so the shot looks 'hotter' on camera.

This actually tilts the angle of the vaginal canal so the penis is ramming into the side of the vagina. What does Madison actually enjoy doing the most with her real life girlfriend? Mainstream porn is woeful at representing consent Consent is the most important thing to understand about sex because without it you can’t have sex.

“The thing that people need to unlearn from porn and the most important thing to realise when watching porn is that the generic, hard-core American-style gonzo porn, a lot of the time, what you’re seeing is the female’s body language expressing pain or a lack of consent. “That isn’t actually what a woman’s body is meant to look like when it’s aroused.

If in your own sex life you see that a woman’s body is stiff, you need to take a step back and check in with your partner and maybe do more foreplay.” That’s not to say you can’t enjoy watching more aggressive sex, like BDSM or kidnapping fantasies, but the central most important factor when trying this stuff out in real life is still consent.

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