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The Panamera can be had with a conventional spring suspension with the Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) adaptive dampers, but the showpiece is the new Active Air Suspension, which replaces the coils with a three-chamber air spring that allows the suspension to be softened or firmed up as the driving conditions or any of the three drive modes dictate.

In its Comfort mode, all three chambers of the air spring are in use and the suspension is at its softest and most comfortable.

Meanwhile, the 550-horsepower Panamera Turbo will cost you 6,900.

However, the new Panamera gains about 70 kg elsewhere thanks to new equipment and amenities, so it should remain weight-neutral when compared with the previous generation with an unladen weight "below 2,000 kilos." Underpinning the MSB platform body are a new double wishbone suspension at the front axle and a four-link suspension at the rear.

The new front end features a new geometry that allows Porsche's engineers to affix the stabilizer bar to the pivot bearing which, in turn, allows the use of a lighter monotube damper.

The new suspension also features forged aluminum links for increased strength and lightness.

If none of that makes any sense, just know that a lighter, stronger suspension can react faster and more precisely to changes to the road's surface.

Even when cruising at speeds that would have your license revoked anywhere in the US of A, the Panamera leaps forward with a light brush on the accelerator and immediately starts picking up speed like a very heavy thing dropped out of a very high window.

Here in the States you'll have few opportunities to really let the car stretch its legs, but if and when you do, know that the car stays immensely stable and planted, even at speeds high enough to make your passengers rather fidgety.This is Porsche's term for the autonomous functionality that has been added here, thanks to a suite of radar, sonar and imaging sensors.Innodrive takes a typical adaptive cruise-control system, which adjusts speed based on traffic, and turns it up to 11 by adding in speed-limit recognition, terrain detection and even weather processing, ensuring the car maintains a safe speed, accelerating and decelerating as needed.It hasn't been confirmed, but I speculate that we may even find the platform beneath a future Cayenne SUV.The new MSB platform is lightweight, making increased use of aluminum and ultrahigh-strength steels, and atop that platform are equally lightweight aluminum body panels and bits that are robotically attached with laser precision using aeronautical-grade industrial adhesives and welds.It is an odd way of interacting with a car, but it strikes a happy balance between clean design and genuine tactility, and it's a big step forward over the button-mad interiors of Porsches past. A comprehensive massage system is on offer, and a touchscreen for rear passengers, which allows them to pick a playlist, control the nav system, or even operate Car Play.