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In another interview he said her house had been destroyed in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 – which hit the southern states of America, not Nebraska.

Antonio is also embroiled in a compensation battle after initially winning a £50,000 pay-out for being 'illegally detained' by police, only for the Court of Appeal, pictured, to overturn the decision last month He delayed his deportation by giving two dates of birth, three different names for his father and two names for his mother.

He told the Home Office in 2008 his mother was still alive but later said she had died in Nebraska, US, in 1996.

A new hearing into the former reggae DJ’s compensation claim is due later this year – further delaying efforts to deport him.

In the Court of Appeal trial to overturn Antonio’s award, it was revealed that he has confused UK immigration officials with a series of lies about his background.

Paulo Antonio, pictured, was jailed in the UK for armed robbery and sent to Portugal after completing his sentence, only to be returned by immigration officials because there was 'no evidence' he was Portuguese Although the Home Office believes he is Jamaican, the country’s officials say there is no proof he is one of theirs and have resisted attempts to receive him.

Antonio is now back on the streets and is embroiled in a compensation battle for being illegally detained after his failed deportation to Portugal.

But after he completed his sentence in 2010, Lisbon officials said ‘there was no evidence’ he was Portuguese and refused to accept him.

Seven years on, Antonio is still living in the UK and, funded by legal aid, is now fighting deportation to Jamaica.

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