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Later on in the season, Mike starts to grow closer to Emily.As in the episode "Team Spirit", it seems that Mike tries to risk everything just to save Emily.

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She also left samurai life after she heard her brother is in town and Scorpina is back.She also heard that her sister Tori is in town for a surfing compation.A new evil ranger has come and also wants revenge on the rangers.I don't own the characters of Power Rangers Series, or the Power Rangers Series, or anything that is associated with The Power Ranger Series.Also in the episode "Clash of the Red Rangers", Mike told Emily that he did not like the way that Scott was "looking at her." In the episode "Sticks and Stones", after Emily fainted from exhaustion, Mike was the only one who rushed over to her to see if she was Okay.

In the new Christmas episode, "Christmas Together, Friends Forever", Emily had said to MIke, "Mike, you're something else." While she said that, Emily was walking up to him. Also in "Christmas Together, Friends Forever", if you watch very closely, you can see Mike looking at Emily.

Now a young prince with the help of his royal guardian Sato and his older sister Kimico, Samurai Pink (1), must recruit the teenage descendants of the Original Samurai Rangers, Nathan (Samurai Blue), Joey( Samurai Green) and Melanie (Samurai Yellow) to fight the upcoming war.

As the battle to rid the Earth of the Demons continue, they are joined by the lost Samurai Gold Ranger, Ashton, who joins the team as the sixth Samurai Ranger.

With the help of mystical Power Symbols, Power Weapons and Folding and Disk Zords, Murakou along with his Demon soliders were sent to the deepest end of the Underworld where they were sealed away until the era of there next return.

Centuries later, Murakou along with his fellow Demon brothers and sisters have return once more to take revenge on the current Samurai Rangers and flood the Earth of the Sanzu River so they could conquer it once more.

A Half of the fanfictions are going take place after the Power Rangers Series, and a third of the fanfictions are going to be Alternative Universe Fanfictions.