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I also noted my 3 year old niece singing the song at home and she came to me and asked “Mama, Ibn Batuta kya hota hai?

While going to the press I heard that the forthcoming ‘My Name Is Khan’ has being targeted because of the statements made by Shah Rukh Khan for including Pakistani players in his IPL team. Black Friday Arguably the most controversial film in this entire list, Black Friday was based on the book by the same name.

Sena members have gone berserk pulling down posters of the movie and making death threats to SRK. Written by senior Mumbai-based journalist S Hussain Zaidi, Black Friday narrated the events that preceded and followed the dreaded 1993 blasts in Mumbai.

Tashan It was a film that pretty much brought the mighty Yash Raj films to its knees.

The battle between multiplex owners and distributors reached a head with this particular film.

Aamir Khan, always a man about town when his film releases, made himself seen along with those protesting against raising the heights of the Narmada dam in Gujarat.

The film was banned in the state for quite some time till the court decided to intervene and provide protection to the theatres screening the film.

Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena, claimed that the makers of ‘Ishqiya’ should have given credit to Shri Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena for the lyrics of the song ‘Ibn-e-batuta, pehen ke joota’ as it was a direct lift from her late father’s poem which goes, “Ibn Batuta Pehen Ke Joota, Nikal Pade Toofan Mein …” In response, the makers of Ishqiya only had to say that the song was an original creation by Vishal Bharadwaj and Gulzar. Tomorrow, if someone uses the name Marco Polo with reference to anything, will that be an issue?

The director Abhishek Choubey also added that he was looking for a travel song in his movie and the lyrics recited by Gulzar was apt for the situation. Sarveshwar Dayal Saxena but never knew about this particular poem. Ibn Batutta travelled on foot, all the way to India from Turkey, and in the film, there are these two runaways. You must publish both the lyrics together and get a public opinion on this. Shubha whereas specified that she was not looking for any benefits out of the accusation and the makers should give due credit to her father for the lyrics.

Controversies at the time of release of a movie are nothing new as it not only gives a lot of publicity to the movie and the makers but also to lesser known people who like to take a short route to become famous.

Whatever the outcome of the controversy I can’t stop singing the song, who cares who wrote it until and unless it’s catchy and groovy and serves the purpose of making me dance in a pub or disco.

Gulzar was totally irked with the accusation and he mentioned to the media persons “Where is the similarity? This year for Bollywood controversies on plagiarism were a starting point.