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has not only overpowered the beauty and history of the Falls, it has started to change the atmosphere and image of Niagara Falls far beyond what anyone could have imagined.In the not too distant future, Niagara Falls, Ontario, will be primarily known as a kitschy "hot spot" for gambling, carousing, illicit sex, and a variety of other "shady activities." "Fallsview Casino has never been about a government's quest to improve the lives of its citizens.

Massive expanses of reflective glass create daylight reflections that confuse birds causing them to fly into the buildings.

And, during darkness, artificial light also produces a lethal attraction for birds.

Also, drug possession and distribution arrests increased by 91 per cent within 7 years after casinos arrived in Atlantic City. was constructed, it's hard to understand why the Provincial Government of Ontario went ahead with the mega-casino.

It should be noted that crime has also increased in other U. One can only conclude that those politicians and bureaucrats who pushed for the casino simply didn't care about the well being of Ontario's citizens.

Fallsview is an example of the powerful succumbing to the dark allure of building a casino empire." —Anonymous is exemplified by a massive fight that occurred outside the casino during the early hours of Sunday, October 12, 2006.

According to The Buffalo News, a scuffle began inside the Dragonfly Nightclub (located within the Moreover, adult entertainment and prostitution appear to be on the increase.

According to a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) News story, titled, "Children's Fund Blown in Casino Should be Repaid, Say Gambling Foes" (May 4, 2005), the woman blew at least 0,000 at Casino Niagara ( sister casino).

According to Fraud Detective, Gary Bishop, the casino didn't ask any questions and even assigned a hostess to her.

Furthermore, the building must weather relatively harsh climatic conditions. Dollar will continue to have a negative impact on will likely result in the closure of a number of businesses within the Niagara region; and, with these closures a portion of the tax base will be gone.

Therefore, the lifetime maintenance costs for will face additional regional competition when Buffalo's new casino is completed. Dollar is at or near an historic low relative to the Canadian Dollar and is expected to remain low for generations to come. Ontario has a relatively high gambling addiction rate of 3.8 percent ) will become a growing financial liability for the Province.

as a by-product of the way that mega-casinos strive to create an atmosphere of extreme decadence and endless quantities of everything.