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The girl was subject to severe brutality and irrespective of which section of the society she belonged to, the culprits should be brought to justice without any prejudice.The division has already taken place in the Pakistani society in the name of religion, sect, ethnic, race and color, but at least the newspaper should show some responsibility and avoid using sectarian term in its news coverage.

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The crime is heinous, brutal and detestable for sure.But when there is no evidence leading to the fact that the motive behind this crime was a sectarian one, why paint it so....crimes though sad and lamentable happen to many innocent girls regardless of their ethnic backgrounds...Staying quiet on any injustice is actually condoning it.... What a governance in Balochistan even after one week of the crime the culprits are still free. In country as law less as Pakistan there is not even most wanted list and nobody even ask for one, ruling and non ruling alike.There are characters who openly and proudly claims responsibility of attacking the state and its innocent citizens yet nobody dare to mention their names and demand to add them to 'wanted dead or alive' list. The poor suffer low indices on every measure of well being such as health, education, infant and mother mortality, you name it. The higher income brackets, on the other hand, have it made in the shade, regardless of nationality.Even if we don't fail as a state i fear we have already failed as humans! It is equally reprehensible the way it is being linked with religion. A long period of trial then stay on ruling and may be presidential pardon.

I wrote and backspace many time to say worst about the culprits; but my mind become so numb and eyes are wet after realising what would happen to this little angel. The criminal needs to be punished and put to death . Prisoner killed by police Officer cos he dis Somewhat the same the other day.... What Pakistan needs in swift justice and public executions.

Adding a religious angle to the issue would only further complicate matters. It is sickening a girl of 6 assaulted and murdered suspicion being raised on politicians but no arrests.

And how come there is such a deafening silence here ? I got shivers when I got a mental picture of the body of the girl while reading the description in the article. father was a Gardner in army facility - - shall army play her role to find out criminal, or it is OK as the victim doll belonged to hazara Shia? The Police should take DNA evidence of politicians to match if any is found on the poor girl, but it is unlikely police will take action as pressure would be made to bear.

Something seriously needs to be done about the current state of affairs.

Burning and beating pregnant women, children being raped and killed, police axing people in the name of religion, how do any of these reflect humanity let alone a nation? everyone knows the culprits but fail to take any action against them. Condolence and sympathies with the Family of the deceased. :'( This is a crime that is horrendous beyond belief . Suppose If the criminals get arrested (highly unlikely) , then what??

We deserve every ounce of suffering we are put through.