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Since going cold turkey is not going to be feasible or desirable for that matter, what is left is to explore techniques that can help you to modify your jerking off habit.We explore various methods for changing your behavior in Chapter 5 of our self-help book, Psychological Self-Tools.Additionally, of course, there are lots of drugs that people can take which make them feel very good, and this motivates them to continue using the drugs.

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We aren’t born knowing how to masturbate, but the moment we start doing it, we know that it feels good, and we become motivated to do it more.

Eating food provides a similar kick, and people similarly can get into patterns where they eat too much and it’s hard to stop.

Of particular interest to you may be the sections on Relapse Prevention.

Behavioral Chains, Substitution, Interruption and Diversion Since there are multiple forms of sex that can work to satisfy people’s sexual appetites, you have the option of looking for ways to substitute the form of sex you are wanting to cut down on with one that you’d feel better about.

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I think the first thing to consider is whether or not your problem is really a problem.

For instance, jerk off less, and make love with a desirable and desiring partner more.