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If you are living aboard at a city marina, then dating is really no different than if you were living in a home in that same city - other than you can take dates out sailing, which is an aid in finding compatible people I think.

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Non felis elit ut fringilla ut sit tempus tortor quis Vestibulum.During the 11 months that I lived in a full size creeper van, the dating just didn't happen.I've been divorced for 6 years now, and I do tend to find women that are off their rocker like I am for short durations. But I could see them saying that a boat is over the line.If you are not from the same area, then there's the challenge of the logistics of what do do when the cruise is over.I've been living "alternative lifestyles" (no, not like that) for a pretty decent chunk of my life.You will find the most difficult thing to face is her discontent at those low points of cabin fever ( rain for a week) high seas and boredom . Hang out the right places, and network with the right people and you may find that boating "girl"!