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But how do you know if Russian really is the site for you?

Yandex' main competitors on the Russian market are Google, and Rambler.

Yandex is therefore one of the national non-English-language search engines (with, among others, Naver, and Baidu) that pose as significant competitors for Google in their respective countries.

According to Yandex marketing, one of its biggest advantages for Russian-language users is the ability to recognize Russian inflection in search queries.

Yandex's roots trace back to 1990, when Arkady Volozh and Arkady Borkovsky founded the company Arkadia, which developed MS-DOS software for use in patents and goods classification.

Their software featured a full-text search with Russian morphology support.

In 1993 Arkadia became a subdivision of Comptek International, another company founded by Volozh in 1989.A Google search for “dating sites” will bring up hundreds of thousands of results.There are obviously plenty of general dating sites to choose from but if you know you’re specifically interested in dating Russian women only, aren’t you better off on a site that caters to your needs?The net income of the company in 2004 constituted M. In September 2005 Yandex opened an office in Ukraine In August 2009 Yandex introduced a player of free legal music in its search results.A little over a year later Yandex launched the Yandex.Initially the search engine was developed by Comptek.